Planning for a home:

Congratulations! You’ve decided to purchase your own home and are now just a few steps away from realising your dream.

1. Be absolutely clear about your needs and determine the type of house you would like to purchase. A flat is usually a good choice when you consider the cost and convenience of a city. Independent houses, especially within city limits require a considerable investment of money, as land costs are very high.

2. Certain parameters such as budget, size of the family, commute to the workplace/ school must be considered before determining the location and a size of the home.

Budgeting and Estimation:

There are two major factors to consider- Land Cost and Construction Cost. Land costs fluctuate and vary depending on location, whereas construction costs are approximately Rs.500 per sq.ft of plinth area. Remember to add 20% to the above amount towards miscellaneous and unforeseen expenses.

Information is Power:

Remember forewarned is forearmed. Ask questions about the process or the progress of your home and always keep a measuring tape handy when you’re visiting the site.

Duration of Construction:

The size, complexity, site, weather conditions, labour availability and materials are factors that affect timelines during construction. Besides, obtaining building permits can range from a couple of weeks to several months as regulatory procedures vary throughout the country.

Buying Land:

Keep the following checklist handy before zeroing in on land-

  • Zoning and restrictions

  • Price

  • Water table

  • Existing waste / sewer / rainwater system

  • Topography

  • Is the title of the seller clear?

  • Are there any court judgements/restrictions against the seller?

  • Is there any restriction as to the use of the land or the deed?

  • Have all the taxes and fees been paid by the seller?

  • Does the plot have the minimum street frontage?

  • Does the plot allow for any future expansion to build upon?

  • How is the general view of the neighbourhood?

  • Are there permanent boundary markers for the plot?

  • Are utilities such as power, drinking water etc available?

  • Is the shape of the plot regular and simple?

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