Basics :

Ancient Indian saints had learnt how the Pancha Maha Bhutas i.e. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sky influence human beings and their dwellings. They also learnt how the solar energy and North-magnetic energy affect the destiny of people. This science deals with materials like wood, cement, steel etc. which is ultimately known as Vastu Samudaya. Plot dimensions that are usually suggested are 1:11/2 size or a 1:2 size. If the length of the plot is more, the energy flow becomes feeble on all the four sides.

The Manifestation of the effects of Vastu: Vastu effects are highly specific to sex, age group and other classifications of the residents. The balancing of the component weights is primary in studying the vastu of a plot.

There are four cardinal directions and four corners where they meet with corners being more important than the main sides. The corners where two sides meet are named exclusively after the gods who govern them. Easanya corner is the northeast corner, Agni the southeast, Nairudhi, the southwest, and Vayu is the northwest corner.

NORTH Vayu controls northwest, Kuber controls mid north, Eshwar controls northeast.

Vayu - public relations, economic conditions and improvement of business.

Kuberan – Wealth

Eshwar - The life of the daughter and lineage.

EAST Eshwar northeast, Indra-mid east, Agni-south east

SOUTH South controls the bad aspects of life.
Agni-south east, Yama-mid south, Nairu-south west.

WEST Nairu -southwest, Varuna mid west, Vayu northwest

The three major sectors in environmental features are physical, neighborhood and road features

Physical features such as mountains, rivers, streams and ditches are more powerful than man-made changes.

1. Hills in the south, southwestern and western sides of the plot are ideal.

2. The raised space in the east, northeast or north of the plot is bad and those in the south, southwest and west are good.

3. Trees directly opposite to the main door are bad but are beneficial in the west, southwest, and south. Avenue trees will pose problems for north and east facing plots.

4. There should be no thorny plants, or with red flowers or even plants that yield milky sap on cutting. Trees should be even in number.

5. Leave the east open so that light falls freely from the rising sun.

6. Don’t purchase permanent residences with a view to a large water body.

7. Water bodies are beneficial in the north, northeast and the east of a plot. Rivers flowing in the northern side of the plot is inauspicious, but if it is from west to east or from south to the east it brings abundant wealth to the residents.

8. Large open spaces in the northern and eastern sides of the plot are beneficial.

9. Drainages of neighbors should not flow into the plot.

10. If a wall built by the neighbor in the east or north is very high then the opposite walls should be higher. Likewise, the north east of the building should be extended beyond the neighbor’s buildings in north and east.

11. If there are two roads for the plot it is preferable to have two adjacent roads than to have two opposite roads.

12. A plot at the end of the road is said to ruin all progress.


The north and east facing plots are ideal. South and west facing plots come second.

One must avoid the following -

1. Plots on which shadows of temples fall near bridges

2. Ditches or large holes in nearby plots

3. Plots on the border of the town or center of the village

4. Land which is always wet or with a pond on the corner and stagnating waste water or with pebbles, termite hills, big rocks and boulders


1. Living soil is that in which trees and plants flourish, is green and has sufficient water

2. White colored soil is ideal for those in knowledge, education and learning

3. Red is for those in power and in government service

4. Yellow is for those in business

5. Black is for those doing physical work


In the east and northeast are good.


Land should slope to the northeast. If south, south-east, west and the center of the plot is raised it indicates prosperity.


1. The height of the compound wall should be at least two-thirds of the height of the main door.

2. The northern wall should be built only after the house is completed. Walls should be built just prior to the building of the house.

3. The main gate and the house door should face the same direction.

4. Car parks can be built in the northwest, southeast or the south-west of the plot.


Excavation for the compound wall must commence from the northeast; the construction must start from southwest to the southeast and then from southwest to northwest.


1. It is preferable to keep the door in the middle of the façade.

2. If there is a west entrance there has to be an east entrance too.

3. If there is only one entrance it should be placed in east or north.

4. The number of doors within the house should be even in number.


1. There should be the even number and more windows in the north and east than the south and west.

2. The internal walls should run linearly and should not have bends, cuts or curves.

3. The ideal proportions for the size of the building are 1.5:1, 2:1 for length to breadth. A square building is not good.

4. Stairs are best at the southwest zone.


Slopes are preferred in the east and the north directions only.


1. Bedrooms should not overlook water bodies, be above porticoes, car parks, kitchen, on four pillars with no construction beneath,a central area of the building or in the basement.

2. Bedrooms can safely be in south-west, west, south and north west of the building.

3. The south-east and the north-east give the most disastrous results amongst all the bedroom positions.

4. Master bedroom is best suited for the southwest.

5. The bed should be placed in the south-west of the room so that there is more space in the north and east. No mirror should be placed opposite to the bed.

Kitchen, Prayer room, Bathroom:

1. Southeast is the best place for the kitchen, northwest is the second best option.

2. The cook should face east and the stove should not be in line with the door of the kitchen.

3. There should not be a toilet in north or east of a kitchen.

4. Northeast is most preferred for Prayer Room.

5. Praying towards south and west is good.

6. An exclusive bathroom in the northeast of the building is fine.

7. Toilets are preferred in the north west only if there is drainage facility. It should never be in the northeast corner.


Preferably lofts should be in the south and west of the building. Never keep the loft at the northeast corner dusty or with cobwebs. It is better to have the Store Room in the south-west corner, south or west side.

Dining Hall:

Dining hall should be in the mid east or mid west. The dining table in the kitchen itself can be placed in the northwest without touching the north wall.


Verandas and balconies are not allowed in south or west. To place water tank in the south-west corner of the house is ideal. The overhead tank and the dish antenna should be in the south west. Bedrooms can be present only in southwest, northwest, west and south.

Location of a House in a Plot of Land :

  • The best plots have roads by all four sides

  • It is preferable for the plot to have more than one road frontage

  • Roads on north and east are the best.

  • For business, roads on south and west are good but north and west roads are also good

Location of Rooms in a House:

The Gods of Vaastu: The Northeast is the position for Dharma, the god of righteousness and is the place for worship.

Indra- the god of gods is positioned at the East. The eastern direction is the harbinger of good luck, which comes into the house through the door.

Kubera, the god of wealth, resides in the North.

Agni, the god of fire, lives in the Southeast corner; this should be the place of the kitchen.

Yama, the god of death, resides in the South. He protects us from the evil eye. Niruthi, who prevents homes from being robbed, dwells in the Southwest corner, a safe place for valuables.

Varuna, the god of water, lies to the West, where the bathroom should be.

Vayu, the god of wind and air is at the Northwest corner. Vayu promotes serenity, peace and calm. A good place for the bedroom.

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