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How to ensure proper conduct of Road laying Works with RTI

Application under the RTI Act -2005.

Speed Post / Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due.

Sender : (Your Full address )

Addressee: Public Information Officer

Block Development Office,



PIN --------------------------------------


Sub: Request for certain information under the Section 6 of the RTI Act -2005- reg.

I request you to provide some details on the following relating to the recently laid road in the _________ street in the _______ village_________ In __Union in the __________ District

  1. The details of the plan estimate for the above work.

  2. The names and address of the persons who bid in the auction for the above work

  3. Copies of Quotations offered by those participants.

  4. The name, designation and addresses of the officers who conducted the auction and selected the contractor.

  5. The name and address of the contractor selected as well as the copy of terms of agreement.

  6. Copy of the Measurement Book pertaining to this road.

  7. The details like weight, quantity, and quality etc. of the raw materials use for the above work.

  8. Samples of the raw materials.

  9. The name, designation address, phone number and other pertinent details of the inspection and certifying authority

  10. The dates and time of inspection by these officers.

  11. Is there a notice board about the work properly and prominently displayed? If not when will be done?

  12. Address of the Appellate Authority

Yours truly,


(Name in Capitals)



Note: Proof of the Receipt for Application Fee of Rs.10/- is enclosed.

( This Sample letter can be suitably modified and used for other similar purposes as well)

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