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How to expedite Transfer of Patta with RTI Act

Application under the RTI Act -2005.

Speed Post / Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due.

Sender : (Your full address)

Addressee: Public Information Officer

Tashildar Office]

______________ Tashil

______________ District

PIN ____________________


Sub: Request for certain information under the Section 6 of the RTI Act- 2005-reg.

Ref: 1.My application dt …………….. For transfer of patta,

2. Your acknowledgement date …………….. And number…………..

  1. The number of request for transfer of patta from 01-01-2010 to 31-12-2010.

  2. The serial number of my application.

  3. In the total number of applications processed for issue of transfer of patta and their list.

  4. The list of patta transfers issued after my serial number.

  5. As per Justice Ramanujan Committee’s recommendation, within how many days of receipt of application, has the government ordered for issue of transfer of patta?

  6. Are all relevant documents attached with my application?

  7. If not, and if you have intimated me about it, kindly give me a copy of your correspondence.

  8. It has been more than Ten months since I applied. Please provide the details of those officials with full designations, who failed to take necessary action on my application.

  9. By which date will patta transfer be issued?

  10. Addresses of the appellate authority to approach if transfer of patta has not happened within the stipulated date.

Yours truly,


(Name in Capitals)



Note: Proof of the Receipt for Application Fee of Rs.10/- is enclosed.

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