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Chitta - This document will be with VAO, and also a copy in the Taluk office, and will contain details such as the survey number, the current owner, patta number etc. Before you purchase, you need to verify this document, and also after the purchase, this document will be sent to you as a copy.

For example, after the registration along with the other documents this will also be sent to you.

The chitta contains the following:

Patta number

Survey number with subdivision




Property owner's name with father's name

Adangal - This contains details about each piece of land in a particular village by survey number, its tenants, the crop raised and its condition.

The Adangal records contain information such as

Survey number

Wise holdings

Extent of field

Duration of tenancy

Details of first crop

Details of second crop

Month and date of harvest

Approximate yield of crops

State on ground particulars

The land holding details ('A' Register) and land ownership details (Chitta) are master records.

The other records are updated depending on the transactions.

The advantage of buying land from a promoter is that he will do the follow up with VAO and the surveyor for the above documents. A private seller will not get this document for you.

Make sure you update these documents in your name.

FMB Sketch - Then there is the FMB Sketch [sometimes just known as sketch] which is a scale drawing of the survey numbers involved. This is again obtained from the VAO. With the patta [which describes the borders of the property], the adangal, the chitta, the sketch and the stamped, registered document of ownership, you are pretty much a legal owner


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