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Why is stagnated water considered to be negative in Vastu?

Not only in our age old Vastu Shastra it is for bidden to allow the accumulation of water or its stay at a place for long,but also it is scientifically proved that stagnated water in a premises is absolutely unhygienic and causes health problems,that too if it stays in south or western directions influenced with excessive heat that gives rise to bacterial or fungal effects. Excessive heat of sharp sunrays in noon and afternoon and cold weather in night creates conducive conditions to generate algae,fungi,bacteria etc.in a water storage tank located in south or south segregation,bleeding,honeycombing,voids and capillary.-west.Such water is harmful to health. Therefore never allow water to remain still in the premises especially in west,south or south-west as they can least receive the morning hours’ sunrays. Therefore the slope of roof and floor for rain must be from south-west to north-east as recommended in Vastu Shastra.

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