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Why south-east direction is the best place for kitchen?

It is an obvious and natural fact that the earth moves from west to east and the sun (Surya Devata27) is stationary. In this course of roatating, the earth’s surface is differently blessed with the Agni Tatva28 during different periods of the day. This is obvious that the south-east direction of each house receives the maximum quantity of comfortable and soft heat. Hence Vastu proposes to place the kitchen in south-east i.e. agneya29 direction defined in Vastu. The radiations in the morning sunrays till 11.00o’clock are influenced with ultraviolet – I and II(UV-I and II,also called UV-A and UV-B) which have the quality to preserve the foodstuff because of their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial influence. In medical science these soft and balanced ultraviolet rays are produced artificially on account of their disinfestatious and germicidal properties. Here we can well appreciate the scientific logic behind locating a kitchen in south-eastern zone of a house. Besides the above the south-east direction is a hotter zone as compared to north,east and north-east so heat related activities shall be helpful in hot zone. It is forbidden in Vastu to place the kitchen in south-west zone because that is the hottest direction,hence not comfortable for human beings to work in. Secondly, excessive heat in south-west may deteriorate the food-stuffs and it may ruin the health.

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