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Why Vastu prefers East or North facing premises?

Scientifically we know that the most cooling and comfortable sun rays containing balanced quantum of ultraviolet rays required for our well being are present in morning sunlight,between afternoon sun rays are not positively useful for the human body.The earth is 23.5 degrees tilted on its vertical axis 24 and it moves from west to east and thus there is a great difference between the energies the different surfaces on the same earth receive from the cosmic sphere at the same time.

Study of Ionospheric propagation 25 and radio-waves covers the existence and levels of various layers formed above the earth’s surface. Accordingly human body acts and reacts to these invisible natural powers,which mental status. Overheated area adversely affects the outcome and performance of human being . That is why Vastu prefers east,north and north-east directions. The Directions of west and south are appreciated in cold zones of the world. Hence,modern Vastu consultants advise the alignment of doors,windows and other openings depending on the climate,weather ad micro-weather conditions of that particular area. However,the other basic principles remain universal.

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